TheLuxPod | Judith Abraham - the Space Saving Queen!
PR TheLuxPod Apartment, South Kensington, LondonJudith and Sarah, during filming of Channel 4, Double Your House For Half The Money

The LuxPod apartment in South Kensington, London, captured the attention of thousands of people internationally.   


On the back of international press coverage, many travellers and tourists had the opportunity to experience living in the apartment first hand.  It was recommended by Time Out as Editor's choice of London Hotels.

Described by Sarah Beeny, whilst filming at TheLuxPod, London, for the Channel 4 Production of Double Your House for Half the Money, as "Considering it is only 9 sq meters it is an amazingly flexible, multi use space that is beautifully designed".   Sarah met with Judith to ask about innovative space saving ideas for homes, flats and apartments - everything that is small.  The episode will be aired after August, 2013 on Channel 4 TV.

The function and utility of living space, is a challenge to most of us.  However, when you only have 101 square foot (9 square metres) to play with, the challenges are huge.  It is very much adherence to the concept of form and function - and multi-purposing the space to maximise space saving.


The interest in small pod living is on the increase and JudithAbraham is one of the first people in this field to create a luxurious home environment, believing it is not the size that counts, but the feeling of spaciousness and luxury within the home environment.


Today, with soaring property prices in our Capital cities creating a comfortable flexible studio flat appeals to many people. The constraints cover financial implications, space allocation concerns and requirements for multifunctional use of small spaces.


TheLuxPod's YouTube channel captures the reaction from people during one day during the London Open House weekend in 2011. Several hundred people visited the LuxPod during the open days, as part of the prestigious architectural Open House event, held each September in the capital.


Judith Abraham is available for private consultation, for investors who would benefit from discussing ideas and considerations for refurbishment of small spaces.  Or for property developers creating small accommodation pods, capsule hotels and small hotel apartments.  Judith is based in London.  Please contact her for a discussion.

Images available at Gallery, "Legacy LuxPod, London" to see before and after images of the 9 square metre apartment which was described by the Editor of Time Out as "Terrific fun for any design fan, tech geek or traveller bored of identikit properties".


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The LuxPod ethos will appeal to people who are seeking energy in self, design and living - Experience the Exceptional